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When was I never without a camera? Hmmm...let's see. Oh, right. NEVER!!!!

Hi ya'll! I'm your friendly neighborhood photographer Lauren or Archie if you'd prefer. Growing up, photography was my life. From moving around Texas growing up, to graduating, to having my daughter in January 2015, seeing my two younger sister's graduation, to my engagement with my high school crush and finally to my son's birth in December 2018. Life is full of memories that should be shared with the ones you care about.

As my home page shows, I am currently attending college at Southern New Hampshire University for my Bachelor's degree in Digital Photography. Being able to eventually do photography full time as my main source of income is my dream goal in life aside from growing old with plenty of memories with my family!

I was born and raised in Humble, Tx in February of 1993 (which also happens to be my parent's first anniversary!) Since then, I have moved to New Caney, Universal City, New Braunfels, and in various parts of the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Currently residing in Denton, I still offer my services throughout all of Texas and the surrounding states.

The Roberts Family: (Left to Right) Tyler, Cecilia "CJ", Lauren "Archie" and Benjamin

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